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The techniques and materials we use to fabricate your dental restorations are the best in the world and used by Master ceramists worldwide.

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The Artistry of Dental Ceramics for Your Private Dental Practice

When you work with a full-service dental lab like PRO-Craft, you and your patients will benefit from the latest in dental technology. This includes digital impression scanning and digital printing of all your model work, world class All–on–4  screw retained zirconia dentures,  custom milled titanium...

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The Artistry of Dental Ceramics for Your Private Dental Practice

When you work with a full-service dental lab like PRO-Craft, you and your patients will benefit from the latest in dental technology. This includes digital impression scanning and digital printing of all your model work, world class All–on–4  screw retained zirconia dentures,  custom milled titanium bars and substructures. You also have the ability to send in digital files from any of the major manufactures. Beyond the latest in dental technology, your dental practice can also take advantage of these benefits:

Most labs offer cookie cutter generic restorations, but at PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory each crown is created with its own personality.  We specialize in high esthetic anterior restorations, premium removable products, and complex implant cases by making the techniques and materials of high-end boutique labs available to the everyday dental practice at fair prices. We don’t make crowns, we make teeth.

We would love to take the time to get to know you and your practice personally. At PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory our goal is to treat you as a partner in business, not as just another account number.

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All On 4

PRO-Craft's All On 4 solutions allow you to offer the best restorations to your patients. Benefit from beautiful esthetics combined with great strength, while also eliminating challenges such as seating and improper fit.


Crown & Bridge

Give your patients superior natural results using our proprietary tinting and Micro Layering Technology (MLT).



Premium dentures and precision partials for discerning practitioners.  Digital and traditional impressions accepted. 



Provide your patients with exclusive Custom Ti Bases, Titanium bars and substructures, Custom Titanium Abutments, Custom Zirconia Abutments and more.

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Occlusal Appliances

Supporting your patients functional dental needs from adolescence on. Custom sleep apnea appliances, sports mouthguards and nightguard appliances.


Case Planning Products

Explore the foundational tools that will help you plan for complex restorative cases.

The PRO-Craft Dental Practitioners Hall of Fame

Dr. Delton Tatum

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Dr. Steve Austin

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Dr. Michael S. Fife

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Dr. Jonathan Glatt

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Dr. Chad Jackson

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Dr. Zander Lin

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Dr. Reza Madani

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Dr. Mark McCall

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Dr. Jason Melashenko

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Dr. Chase Murphy

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Greg and Dylan Schubert | Father and Son of PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory

Friendly, willing, and eager to please. They are accommodating and not as rigid as other labs!

Brent Danielson

Pro-Craft is very helpful, friendly, and a very good resource for information and ideas.

Craig Burnham

I received a free iPod to start out my relationship with them. I never guessed they would be better than any lab I've tried before. Exceptional lab.

Bryan Francev

Pro-Craft is the best quality lab I've used in 20+ years of practice.

Dr. Fred Powers

I've been in practice for 18 years and tried many labs. Pro-Craft has the best quality, the best service, and good fees. On a scale of 1 to 10, Pro-Craft is a 11.

Dr. James Dow

Overall, a great lab with excellent esthetics and attention to detail. Pro-Craft has helped me with their feedback and suggestions to be better with each case I do.

Dr. John C. Comisi

Greg is a class act! More than just a dental lab!

Dr. Kenneth Gallion

Very good at working with each case individually and giving it personal attention to create an excellent result.

Eric D. Velk

PRO-Craft is a superior lab. They provide outstanding lab work, both fixed and removable. More importantly, their communication is great. I have done many full mouth reconstruction cases along with single units and have always been pleased and satisfied.

Fred Powers

They are easy to talk with follow directions well, have good suggestions, and good follow through.

Hugh D. Burke

PRO-Craft Dental Lab – Highest quality, awesome personal service, always reliable. Definitely the best! 

Jeff Murphy

Great personality, high integrity, like that they use magnification and polish the porcelain for less wear of the opposing teeth.

Jim Morrison

The best thing about Greg for me is how easy he is to communicate with and how willing he is to work with you.

Joel Burnham

Great service, easy to work with, if there is a problem I can speak directly to Greg or Scott and correct the problem. Very personable.

Lindel Stevens

I met Scott at the AGD meeting in Nashville, TN. In 2003. I was impressed with the work they had on display, but more so on the steps, the extra steps, they take to finish a case. The nice thing was that these extra steps would cost me no more that my present labs charged me. These extra steps translate into quicker seat times, fewer adjustments and happier patients. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed!

Mike McCartney

I use this lab exclusively for esthetic work. Beautiful restorations, excellent communication between lab and dentist - Greg and Scott know what they're doing.

Q. Tran

I recently did several large anterior all ceramic cases with PRO-Craft and everything went beautifully. Thanks a million, keep up the good work!

S. Armbruster

I find that PRO-Craft’s work is exceptional. Their restorations fit well. Require minimal adjustments and look great. I also enjoy that they create my porcelain cases utilizing the Shade Vision Shade Taking System by Xrite Corp. This system incorporates a virtual try-in capability that they utilize on all of my cases. This procedure is crucial to giving the most accurate information to my technician. Give PRO-Craft a try you won’t be disappointed.

William Lund

Dental Lab Learning Center

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November 23, 2022

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