PRO-Craft Dental Occlusal Appliances

Your patients can protect their teeth, get better sleep, or ease pain with one of our durable, customized occlusal applications.

EMA Sleepbetter Appliance from PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory

EMA Sleepbetter Oral Appliance

The EMA® Sleepbetter oral appliance is a customized removable dental appliance created for the treatment of snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

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Impact Zone Nightguards

The right nightguard can help your dental patients protect their teeth from long term damage. Explore all of the nightguard options available for your patients.

Monster Sports Mouth Guard

Monster Sports Mouth Guard

Monster Sports Guards are custom made multi- laminate mouth guards. They offer protection against dental trauma, such as fractured teeth and are fabricated for athletes of all levels and sports from professional to mature.

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