PRO-Craft Dental Occlusal Appliances

Your patients can protect their teeth, get better sleep, or ease pain with one of our durable, customized occlusal applications. Our occlusal guards and appliances guarantee complete comfort during sleep and daily activities while protecting against tooth damage from grinding, clenching, or dental trauma.

Our Collection of Occlusal Guards and Appliance

EMA Sleepbetter Appliance from PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory

EMA Sleepbetter Oral Appliance

The EMA® Sleepbetter oral appliance is a customized removable dental appliance created for the treatment of snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

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Impact Zone Nightguards

Our nightguards and their solid acrylic strength can help your patients protect their teeth from long-term damage resulting from grinding or bruxism. We offer multiple types of impact zone nightguards for the perfect combination of comfort and protection, including both soft and hard-arch appliances, and even a combination of both, to support patients with various severity of grinding or clenching.

Monster Sports Mouth Guard

Monster Sports Mouth Guard

Monster Sports Guards are custom-made, multi-laminate mouth guards. These professional-grade sports mouth guards offer protection against dental trauma, such as fractured teeth, and are fabricated for athletes of all levels, including professional to mature sports. With available custom designs and a custom fit, these guards will benefit any athlete by providing ultimate comfort and security.

Reliable Protection with Remarkable Comfort

At PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, our priority is patient comfort and satisfaction. Our custom-made occlusal guards are designed with a focus on blending strength and durability with absolute comfort so our patients can sleep, work, or play without worrying about the risks of dental trauma or tooth damage.

Patients and providers can rely on our wide selection of occlusal orthotic devices to meet their personalized needs, from supporting healthy breathing during sleep to protecting your teeth during sports. Our selection of custom-fit occlusal equilibration appliances includes:

  • Soft appliance, full arch
  • Hard appliance, full arch
  • Hard / Soft appliance, full arch
  • Thermoplastic  appliance, full arch

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