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Dr. Delton Tatum Amarillo, TX

Delton Tatum, DDS

Patient requested crown and bridge restoration for esthetic zone 7-10.  Restorations were hand layered with IPS e.max.


Dr. Steve Austin Amarillo, TX 3

Steve Austin, DDS

Patient case features All-Z Plus on 7-10 & All-Z on 21-28. Patient case features All-Z Zirconia on 7-10.  Patient case features All-Z crown restorations on 6-11 & 22-28.  

Dr. Micahel Fife Sacramento, CA

Michael S. Fife, DDS

Patient case features full mouth restoration using All-Z Plus multi-layered translucent zirconia to closely replicate the esthetics of a natural tooth.


Dr. Jonathan Glatt Yaldley, PA-1-1

Jonathan Glatt, DDS

Patient case features emax restoration on 8 & 9.  IPS E.max is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic that has optimized translucency, durability and strength for full anatomical restorations. 

Dr. Chad Jackson Wichita Falls, Tx

Chad Jackson, DDS

Patient case by Chad Jackson, an award-winning dentist who currently practices in his native home.


DR Zander Lin  Palano TX

Zander Lin, DDS

Patient case featuring PRO-Z Zicornia on teeth 4-13. PRO-Z Zirconia is PRO-Craft's premium option for your most discerning patients.  

DR Jason Melashenko Surprise AZ-1

Jason Melashenko, DDS

Dr. Jason has a passion for creating "beautiful and functional smiles." Patient case features PRO-Z Layered Zirconia on full mouth.

Dr. Mark Mccall Waco TX.

Mark McCall, DDS

This beautiful case features Emax crowns! Emax dental restorations are most preferred on vital teeth to achieve maximum esthetic results.

DR. Reza madani 1

Reza Madani, DDS

Beautiful case on 6-11 featuring All-Z Plus translucent zirconia. Patient case by Dr. Reza Madani featuring All-Z Plus Zirconia on teeth 4-13.

Dr. Chase Murphy Glendora CA-min

Chase Murphy, DDS

Patient case featuring e.max veneers on 7-10.


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