Dental Lab Crown & Bridges

We combine high-quality crown & bridge materials with careful manufacturing techniques to create crown & bridge restorations that are as unique as your patients. Between our advanced machines, proprietary tinting process, and thorough hand-polishing technique, we ensure patients are always happy with the end result.

All-Ceramic Crown & Bridge

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ALL-Z™ Solid Zirconia Crowns

All-Z Zirconia features a flexural strength of 1000 MPa for lasting longevity and patient peace of mind. With a hand-pumiced and polished surface, monolithic All-Z crowns provide natural esthetics and zero plaque accumulation without wearing your opposing teeth.

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ALL-Z Plus™ Translucent Solid Zirconia

All-Z Plus Translucent Zirconia Crowns and Bridges provide the strength of solid zirconia with the natural translucency of real teeth. All-Z Plus features a flexural strength of 900 MPa, requires minimal reduction, and uses no porcelain overlay.

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IPS e.max®

IPS e.max Layered Veneers

IPS e.max® Veneers

The opalescence, translucency and light diffusion are hand layered in each IPS e.max® Veneers restoration, allowing us to replicate natural tooth structure, resulting in beautiful and undetectable restorations.

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IPS e.max Crowns

IPS e.max dental products are the #1 choice for esthetics for patients with an anterior situation where bonding is possible. IPS e.max uses a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic material that provides optimized translucency, durability and strength for full anatomical restorations.

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PRO-Z Layered Zirconia Crowns

PRO Z Full Layered Zirconia Crowns

PRO Z Full Layered Zirconia Crowns

PRO-Z Full Layered Zirconia is the ideal choice for single anterior and large dental cosmetic cases because of its beautiful full-layer esthetics and strength for full arch restorative cases. Every crown is hand-layered for optimal function and appearance.

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Full Cast Crown & Bridge

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Full Metal Crowns

Gold crowns remain trusted for their compelling combination of longevity, function, success and biocompatibility. Meet patient needs with multiple percentages of gold content, from type II to type IV, casted for a high-quality, personalized fit.

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Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal (PFM) Crown & Bridge

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Creation PFM

Created with PRO-Craft Dental Lab's advanced CAD/CAM and digital printing technology, PFM dental crowns and bridges provide optimal support, impressive longevity, and natural esthetics.

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Temporary Crown & Bridge

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Protemps are an easy solution for unsightly chairside temporaries. Patients will appreciate the dental esthetics and strength as they test drive their final dental restorations.

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As an industry leader in CAD/CAM technology, we have taken the fabrication of digital restorations to a new & exciting level of service.

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