PRO-Craft Dental Crown & Bridge Products

We combine high-quality materials with top performing techniques to create crowns and bridges that are as unique as your patients.

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ALL-Z Solid Zirconia Crowns

Give your patients peace of mind with the lasting longevity and strength of All-Z Zirconia.  

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ALL-Z Plus Translucent Solid Zirconia

All-Z Plus provides you with the look of pressed ceramic and the strength of solid zirconia. Give your patients the latest in dental esthetics with All-Z Plus Zirconia Crowns.

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IPS E.max Crowns

IPS e.max dental products are the #1 choice for esthetics for your patients with an anterior situation where bonding is possible. IPS e.max material is a lithium disilicate glass ceramic that has optimized translucency, durability and strength for full anatomical restorations.

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PRO Z Full Layered Zirconia Crowns

PRO-Z Full Layered Zirconia is the ideal choice for single anteriors and large dental cosmetic cases because it has the most beautiful full layer esthetics and the strength to do full arch restorative cases.

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Full Metal Crowns

When it comes to reliability you can always count on gold for the long haul. Gold crowns continue to be the restorative material of choice for many clinicians due to longevity, function, success, and biocompatibility.

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Protemps are an easy solution for unsightly chairside temporaries. Patients will be pleased with the dental esthetics and strength. Let your patient test drive their final dental restorations with Protemp.

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Creation PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal)

Learn more about PRO-Craft Dental Lab's CAD/CAM and digital printing technology to create PFM copings.

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