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As PRO-Craft’s most popular posterior implant design,our screw-retained prosthetic restorations feature zirconia as an affordable and esthetic alternative to other options. The screw-retained restorations are very retrievable to make cleaning, maintenance, and removal effortless. 

The crown comes in All Z Solid Zirconia or All Z Plus High Translucency Zirconia, while the interface is a titanium base. 

  • Our lab requires a timeframe of 5-7 days to fabricate these restorations.
  • The restorations are designed with full-contour zirconia, contributing to their impressive durability.
  • With the use of Intra-Oral-Scanners (IOS), cases can be sent to PRO-Craft for the creation of model-free restorations, a lower-cost alternative.

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PRO-Craft's Exclusive Custom Titanium Bases: Affordable, Subgingival Screw-Retained Implants

Screw-retained restorations are beneficial for a number of reasons compared to other traditional options available. For starters, they can easily be removed without damage to the prosthetic or surrounding teeth. This is because screw-retained restorations, by design, are screwed directly onto the implant of a screw-retained abutment. These restorations offer a convenient solution to repair, maintenance, cleaning, and alterations as they can be done without causing damage to the restoration, substructure, or implants. 

PRO-Craft’s exclusive Custom Titanium bases provide an affordable solution for clients and patients alike. PRO-Craft developed the custom titanium abutments to fabricate screw-retained restorations that are subgingival and not indicate for a stock TI Base. 

PRO-Craft offers custom Ti bases that support most major manufacturer parts. This new development improves tissue support and each patient's individual dentition needs over the generic Ti Bases provided by the major manufacturers, while also passing on the savings to you! There is no longer a need to do a custom titanium abutment or to do a sub-gingival screw-retained restoration. Custom Ti Bases are only available at PRO-Craft.

Screw Retained Prosthetic Implant Specifications


  • Angulated screw channel option (screw placement between 0 and 25 degrees around the tooth's circumference) offers easy installation. 
  • Effortless retrieval thanks to the presence of dental implant screws. 
  • Can be easily maintained or cleaned by removing the restoration or tightening the dental implant screws. 
  • Requires a minimal amount of interocclusal space.

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PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory’s custom abutments are available in Titanium and Lava Zirconia. We fabricate both using CAD technology and customize all abutments to each patient’s individual dentition...

The Screwmentable restoration offers the best of both worlds – all the screw-retained benefits without the sometime difficult seating issues.

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