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Screwmentable Restoration

The Screwmentable restoration offers great seating benefits. This product includes one of PRO-Craft Dental Lab's Custom Titanium Bases and a restoration (preferably zirconia for strength) fabricated, fitted, and shipped as separate items to be cemented chairside, yet screw-retained.

A Screwmentable restoration's big advantage is that the Custom Titanium Base can be seated first to ensure a perfect fit. The restoration can then be seated by adjusting contacts and occlusions if needed.

The benefit is that the restoration is seated similar to a C&B case, rather than a screw-retained crown, where it can be very challenging to dial in the contacts, while maintaining a perfect implant connection especially with a deep subgingival implant.

Once the restoration is seating the abutment is unscrewed and removed, cemented to the restoration, inspected for zero cement at the margin or access hole, and reseated and torqued into place.

It’s the best of both worlds –  all the screw-retained benefits without the sometime difficult seating issues.

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PRO-Craft Dental Lab's acrylic hybrid restoration comes with a titanium bar direct to implant. This design adds strength to the restoration, especially when space is at a premium. 

PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory’s custom abutments are available in Titanium and Lava Zirconia. We fabricate both using CAD technology and customize all abutments to each patient’s individual dentition...

All-Z Plus Implant Prosthetic (All-On-4) combines the advantages of All-Z Plus solid zirconia with cutting edge implant technology.

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As an industry leader in CAD/CAM technology, we have taken the fabrication of digital restorations to a new & exciting level of service.

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