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All-Z Plus Implant Prosthetic (All-On-4)

The All-Z Plus Implant Prosthetic bridge combines the esthetic advantages of All-Z Plus solid zirconia with cutting edge implant technology.

The All-Z Plus Implant Prosthetic bridge is a better alternative to a conventional full denture with built in layered translucency. At PRO-Craft Dental Lab we also hand pumice and polish surfaces to create a natural esthetic and to reduce wear.

Nature is our best example. Make the commitment to provide the best. This restoration offers all the bells an whistles of our full contour All Z Plus High Translucent zirconia. Every care is taken to mimic nature and provide a hygienic design. All of our tissue esthetics are hand layered with ceramic powers, contoured, and textured to disappear in the patients mouth.

We promise this restoration does not look like a denture. Benefits include:

  • Highly resistant to chipping and fracture
  • No more teeth “popping out”, acrylic fractures, or denture tooth wear
  • Beautiful ceramic esthetics with All Z Plus translucent internal layered zirconia
  • Natural looking gingival esthetics with hand built and layered tissue ceramics
  • Works with all major implant brands 
  • A functional prototype is tried-in and worn to verify function and esthetics prior to fabricating the final restoration. This will facilitate a predictable final appointment and provide the patient with an excellent spare, “emergency”, appliance. 
  • 15mm of vertical space is required.

A titanium bar hybrid is available when vertical dimension is less than 12 mm, or for long extension areas. The titanium bar can also be prescribed to eliminate the possible disadvantages of the use of multi housings. Minimal interocclusal space and extension lengths are required. With All-Z Plus Implant bridges you can offer an affordable implant solution with high-quality esthetics, strength, function and great predictability.

All-Z Plus Implant Prosthetic Specifications


  • Eliminate cement problems
  • Natural gingival esthetics
  • Eliminate problems associated with full dentures
  • Natural emergence profile
  • A full contour 100% zirconia crown and bridge material
  • No porcelain overlay
  • Built in layered translucency - no surface stain
  • Tough as nails and chip proof
  • All surfaces hand Pumiced & Polished
  • Custom Library For Natural Tooth Morphology


Connect directly to endosseous dental implants

Aid in prosthetic rehabilitation of missing teeth


Cement-free, screw retained

Flexural Strength

900 -1050 MPA

Material Composition

All-Z Plus solid zirconia


Monolithic material 

  • Resistant to chipping
  • No porcelain overlay

Hand pumiced and polished

  •   Less wear on opposing teeth
  • Prevents plaque accumulation
  • Creates natural esthetics and tooth surface


  • Comparable to pressed ceramic
  • Built in translucency no surface stain

Natural Fluorescence

       Same as natural teeth

PRO Craft custom natural anatomical library

  • Created and only available at PRO Craft
  •  Morphology of natural teeth not crowns

Lab Processing Time

7 Working Days (3 appointments)

Available Shades

We have many shade guides to follow and routinely utilize the VITA® Shade Guide, Bioform® IPN Shade Guide, and Illumine White Shades (Dentsply). We also utilize the ShadeVision ™ digital shade taking system when requested. As part of the ShadeVision technique we include a virtual try-in for total customization.  (Link to Shade Management under Planning Stages)

ISO 6872:2015 Classification

Specifies the requirements and the corresponding test methods for dental ceramic materials for fixed all-ceramic and metal-ceramic restorations and prostheses.

ADA Codes

D6080-Implant-Maintenance Procedures, Including Removal of Prosthesis, Cleansing of Prosthesis, and Abutments and Reinsertion of Prosthesis

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Dental Lab Comparison Chart



Roe Dental Lab

Flexural Strength

900 -1050 mpa

870-1150 mPA


Hand Pumiced & Polished




Built In Translucency Layer




Available Titanium Bar Hybrid




Custom Library For Natural Tooth Morphology




Surface Stain to CreateTranslucency



No - When requested at extra charge


$4889 per arch

$5939 per arch / Inc Titanium bar

$3399-$3799*per arch






Case Processing Time

7 working days

9 working days

5-8 working days

Technical Support

Same person every time

Different people every time

Different people every time

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As an industry leader in CAD/CAM technology, we have taken the fabrication of digital restorations to a new & exciting level of service.

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