Mike Conceicao

Michael Conceicao is a diligent, reliable, and supportive team leader for PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory. Michael started his career in the dental lab industry after graduating from Dental Technology School in 1984. He knew that this industry was the right fit for him once he saw the artistry involved in dental restorations and the life changing experiences it can create for patients. In fact, one of the most gratifying accomplishments of his career is being able to hear from dentists, after seating a full restoration, that their patients “loved their new teeth” and they “left in tears of happiness”.

As a team leader at PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, Michael embraces complicated cases and forges towards creating the best solutions that will serve the patients’ needs. He helps others to succeed and continues to develop his knowledge of cutting-edge dental lab technology. In regard to his journey in this industry Michael says “I’ve been lucky to have been pointed in a direction for a career that I really enjoy all aspects day after day. The lab business is always changing which keeps things fun and interesting.” – Michael Conceicao

While he’s not working to develop the best solutions, materials, and designs for complex cases Michael values spending time with his family, enjoys fishing, going to the beach, and camping.

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