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TRIAD Diagnostic Wax

  • A Trademark of PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory, Inc.
    PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory and TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-ups – the catalyst for change.

    TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups are the most routinely prescribed technique used before cosmetically enhancing a patients smile. A Triad has three major components, patient, dentist, and technician. Synergy is created when all three parts, working together in harmony, create something greater than they could as individuals. This is the philosophy behind TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups. TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups can help eliminate the guesswork from the final restorations and are widely used in treatment presentations to increase patient case acceptance and satisfaction. At your option, temporaries can be fabricated chair side using our FREE enclosed matrix of the wax-up. PRO-Craft will make the matrix from a material of your choice. Let the patient test drive their restorations and save you time, and money.

    PRO-Craft will include with your TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Up, a Prep Matrix, or Temp Matrix upon request at no additional charge.

    Show them the difference with TRIAD Diagnostic Wax-Ups and enjoy consistent predictable results.

    • Office or Laboratory fabrication of temps from the wax-up
    • Consistent, predictable, predetermined results
    • Excellent patient selling tool
    • Enhanced practice development
    • Decrease remakes and adjustments and increase productivity 
    • Improve communication with your laboratory 
    • For treatment presentations
    • To fabricate chair side temporaries try Pro-Temp from 3M ESPE.