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Time Schedule

3 days
Product Working Days*
PFM's   7 days
All-Ceramics  7 days
Composites  7 days
Implants  7 days
Full Cast  5 days
Add Ceramic After Frame Try In  5 days
PRO-Temps  5 days
Triad Diagnostic Wax-Up 5 days
Frame Try-in  3 days
Impact Zone Nightguard™ 3 days
Denture/RPD (Set-Up) 3 days
Denture/RPD (Process) 3 days
Denture/RPD (Finish) 3 days
Custom Trays 3 days
Bite Rims 3 days
Stay Plate 3 days
Sports Mouth Gaurd 3 days
Partial Frame Try in (with Bite Rim)                3 days
Denture Relines & Repairs  1 day

Free Inbound shipping! *Note: “Time does not include one shipping day to and from the laboratory. Print a copy of our Scheduling Assistant to help determine date in your office. Please call us for any RUSH cases. We will do our best to help you serve your patient. Creation PFM, Triad Diagnostic Wax-Up, Monster Sports Mouthguard and Impact Zone Nightguard are registered trademarks.