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Smile Selection

Smile Catalog

The Las Vegas Institute

This book contains twelve of the most common tooth arrangements. The focus is on shape and position in the mouth for cosmetic restorations. We recommend that you use the Smile Catalog for all cosmetic procedures including porcelain veneers, bonding, crown & bridge, dentures, implants, cosmetic re-contouring, or any combination of the above. Help your patients have the smile of their choice. This catalog is available from PRO-Craft.

Take Esthetics To The Next Level

The LADDER is a reference guide created for dentist-to-ceramist communication of tooth features

THE LADDER is a pictorial display of meticulously and painstakingly crafted digital images on laminated archival photographic paper, allowing for multiple reproductions of identical references. These images are categorized, color-coded by category, and encoded for reference.

Reproducting features of tooth characterization are made simple --- without the need for expensive technology, time consuming schematics, or loss or productive time fore the dentist and ceramist. THE LADDER standardizes features of tooth characterization in a comprehensive and user-friendly format so that restorations can be accurately fabricated for the satisfaction of all patients, essentially eliminating the need for esthetic re-makes. It is a must for esthetic practice.

Creating life-like restorations is both challenging and rewarding because there is more to tooth appearance than shade. Diagnosing these features could be difficult before THE LADDER; communicating these features was involved before THE LADDER; and fabricating esthetic restorations was frustrating before THE LADDER.