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  • Valplast® is a flexible, nylon thermoplastic that is thinner and more translucent than traditional partials.

    Doctors appreciate the minimal prep, easy insertion and long term strength. Patients love Valplast's metal-free comfort and natural appearance.

    Valplast Advantages
    • Comfort: thin, lightweight and flexible
    • Esthetic and biocompatible
    • No tissue or tooth prep
    • More durable than acrylic
    • Will not stain or absorb odor

    Valplast Indications
    • Any traditional partial application
    • Metal sensitivity
    • Presence of tori

    Valplast Contraindications
    • Rigid appliance is needed
    • Few remaining natural teeth

    What to Send
    • Full Models made from alginate impression material
    • Tooth Shade
    • Bite registration

    VALPLAST Hot Tip
    Just before delivery, immerse the Valplast in hot tap water for final patient customization. This hot water bath increases flexibility and adaptation of the Valplast partial, improving patient comfort and ease of insertion.

    Tips for a successful VALPLAST case:
    • Use Alginate impression material.
    • Send poured model showing vestibular extension.
    • Send bite registration and tooth shade.
    • Carefully wrap and protect models for shipping.
    • Try-in recommended for bilateral free end partials.
    • Not recommended for immediates.
    • Immerse in hot water just before delivery.