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Planning Details

“We are a small family laboratory. At PRO-Craft the key to our success has been not only in the experience creating beautiful and precise fitting dental restorations over a 30 year career but also because of our legendary customer service. Our unique creative process was developed to assure your patients acceptance and long-term satisfaction. We have your back and will do whatever it takes to help you build your practice. Below, are some of the extra steps we take to help you stand apart from your competition.”

Greg Schubert CDT

Open The Door To More Precise CAD/CAM Dental Creations

  • We create your restorations under 10X power microscope 

  • We hand pumice polish the ceramic surfaces of all your restorations to reduce wear of opposing dentition and imitate the texture of natural teeth

  • We check your contacts on an uncut solid model for accuracy

  • We use a proprietary techniques and materials used by the Masters to create each restoration with it’s own personality. No generic cookie cutter crowns

  • We do it all in 7 working days in the USA

We are as passionate about dentistry as you are.
Call Today at 1-877-484-3522, 1-877-4-The-Lab, or contact us here.