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Mini Implants

  • What Exactly Is A Mini-Implant?

    The system consists of a miniature 1.8, 2.1 or 2.4 and 2.9mm titanium alloy implant that acts like the root of a tooth. In denture application a retaining housing containing an O-Ring is incorporated into the base of the patient’s denture. The head of the implant is shaped like a ball and the retaining housing acts like a socket. The O-Ring snaps over the ball when the denture is seated and holds the denture in place at a predetermined level of retention. The fixtures allow for micro-mobility while withstanding natural lifting forces. Some mini implants have been approved by the FDA for long-term applications and are indicated for immediate loading.

    Mini-implant systems can work wonders by retrofitting the patients existing denture. This saves them time, money, and inconvenience. When fabricating new prostheses an experienced dental technician will find these systems familiar and easy to implement. Trained dental laboratories can be a valuable source of information when getting started.

    Great Choice For Patients, Easy For Techs!

    In addition, mini implants offer treatment plans for single tooth replacement. This broadens the horizon of possibilities for crown and bridge applications. A trained dental laboratory can provide PFM and all ceramic restorations that follow the proper protocols for immediate load applications. Thanks to direct-to-customer advertising by implant manufacturers, patients are becoming more educated about immediate loading options. When patients know they can have all of the work done at once instead of spreading treatments out over a year, it makes the mini-implant an easy choice. This technique can be easily learned by attending a one or two day certification course from companies like IMTEC.

    Oral surgeons to general practitioners, in addition to thousands of patients, have taken advantage of the amazing and unique benefits of mini dental implants. They can be delivered at a reasonable cost and can significantly enhance a clinician’s income. This ultimately provides your patient with instant gratification as they leave your office experiencing comfort and convenience like never before.