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Bar & Substructure

  • PRO-Craft utilizes Dentsply for ATLANTIS ISUS Bars Made in titanium , ATLANTIS Bars are indicated for removable prostheses. Bars can be designed with extensions that follow the gingival profile. ATLANTIS ISUS Bar can include a combination of various attachment options. Both standard and custom shaped bars are available, depending on case requirements.

    ATLANTIS ISUS includes a full range of implant suprastructures for all major implant systems, providing an excellent foundation for optimal function and esthetics. 

    Unlike cast suprastructures, ATLANTIS ISUS implant suprastructures are milled from solid blocks of titanium or cobalt-chrome, eliminating the potential for a porous material. 

    ATLANTIS ISUS implant suprastructures are produced using the latest developments in world-class production technologies, and supported by computer-based industrial and medical-device expertise.

    At PRO-Craft the art and craft of dental laboratory procedures are further enhanced through the application of engineering principles, allowing for the design and production of consistent, high-quality, patient-specific implant suprastructures for all major implant systems.