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Goldtech Bio 2000

  • PRO-Craft along with leading dentists and technicians all agree
    Goldtech Bio 2000 is the ideal esthetic PFM restoration.

    Goldtech Bio 2000 has been proven by independent studies done by Loma Linda University to accumulate less plaque than Captek. The rich yellow color of the alloy eliminates shadows at the gingival and graying of the porcelain shades producing superior vitality. Combine 99.7% gold content and biocompatibility with the talent and background of PRO-Craft and you get maximum aesthetics for your PFM requirements.

    Accept no substitutes! PRO-Craft and Goldtech Bio 2000 will make your next seating appointment an event worth waiting for. Aesthetics without compromise.

    • Biocompatibility
    • Improved gingival health
    • Elimination of black lines
    • Deep rich yellow color for extreme PFM aesthetics

    Cementation / Indication
    • Full-coverage crown and bridge restorations 
    • Single and three-unit bridges in segments back to the second bicuspid 
    • Resin cement, dual-curing luting cement, or zinc phosphate cement.

    ADA Insurance Code: 2720
    • D6750 Crown – Porcelain Fused To High Nobel