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What if you could guarantee the consistency of your Lab work?

Friday, November 03, 2017

PRO-Craft has made another addition to our already robust Quality Assurance System. We have recently introduced a Quality Control Signature Card that will appear in each of your cases signed by your own personal QC Technician.

As the owner of PRO-Craft, I know you have a lot of labs to choose from and you expect the very best for your patients and practice. We are both interested in long term relationships and not just a quick buck. Some of our accounts have been with us over 25 years! Family owned and operated, we have 40 years of experience offering consistent work and we will be around for another 40 years! Always improving and providing the best client service in the business.

What’s in it for you?
  • Your custom digital settings are fine tuned by you.  All your restorations are CAD/CAM created using your personal data base settings for contacts, occlusion, and internal fit.
  • You get the crown FREE if we don’t follow your Rx and custom settings.
  • Your anterior restorations are made with our patented Micro Layer Technology™.  No cookie cutter crowns. Each one with its own individual personality.
  • You receive a Quality Assurance checklist signed by your personal QC Technician. We just made it much more personal.
  • Your work is created by the same small team of technicians every time.  We don’t have an ocean of technicians assigned to your cases like the BIG BOX MEGA labs. 

If you are happy with the lab your sending cases to now, we wish you success in all you do.
If you are tired and frustrated with the same old problems and ready to move up to something more personal and consistent, call us today at 877-484-3522. We are here to serve you.