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Tuesday, October 03, 2017

PRO-Craft supports digital files from ALL major impression systems, ie. Cerec, Itero, Tru-Definition, Trios, E4D, Carestream. Will this be the year to go digital? Do you have a Cerec System that is gathering dust? Does it sound good to save $10.00 per unit?

Try PRO-Craft Digital and experience less adjustments/remakes and only 3 working days in the lab when you go modeless! Call for details today

Instructions for submitting digital impressions by system:

For Tru Definition systems, contact 3M ESPE directly by phone (1-877-484-3522) and ask them to add PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory to your “Favorite Labs” list. PRO-Craft will appear in your list the next time you want to send us a case.


Add PRO-Craft to your list anytime by logging in to your account on www.cerec-connect.com (if you don’t have an account, make one by clicking the DENTIST REGISTRATION link on the same site). After your in, select “My Favorite labs” under the MY ACCOUNT menu on the left. From there, you can search for us using our full name PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory. Be sure to remove your own zip code from the search bar, as it will return more accurate results. Once you’ve found PRO-Craft, check the box next to our name and click ADD. PRO-Craft will be on your list for the next time you want to send us a case.

3Shape, E4D, Carestream
Thanks to the open architecture setup of the 3Shape. Carestream, and E4D systems, you can send your digital impression files directly to our laboratory. Save or convert all digital impressions as “.stl files. Once they’ve been made, you can e-mail them directly to PRO-Craft at digital@pro-craft.com.

When using the iTero system, contact iTero directly via phone (1-800-577-8767) and request to add PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory to your favorite Labs” list. PRO-Craft will immediately appear in your list the next time you want to send us a case.