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The #1 One Problem in Marketing

Friday, November 03, 2017

I’m going to purposely keep this month’s blog short so that this key point is not missed.

The untrained doctor does three harmful things;
  • They underestimate how much of their time and money should be spent on marketing. (the truth: a practice should spend minimally 12% of gross income on marketing)
  • They think “some expert” will handle it. (the truth: the “someone expert” cannot market YOU the way you can)
  • They try “marketing” which fails and quit. (the answer: get to be an expert on marketing and make it a the vital priority it should be)

I got an affirmation on point #2 last month when I did a double take at an email from a dental marketing consultant who bills himself as the top dog around. His marketing is OK, but not truly great. He was promoting what he described as his latest most effective marketing campaign that money could buy. It was one of my postcards. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! But the point here is that YOU can be as good or better than the experts.

Point #1 reminds me of a Thanksgiving story from back home on the farm in Vermont. Every year at the din-ner, my mother would say to me, “would you like apple pie or pumpkin pie?” And every year I would reply with the same thing, “Both!” And then I would add, “and from the biggest pie!”

 The marketing moral of the story is: “have a smaller slice from the biggest pie you can make.”

Most doctors brag about their overhead percentage implying that their take-home pay is top 10%. I’m all for being a smart buyer. But the more important thing is to have a bigger pie and then your smaller slice ends-up being pretty big. Most of you would be actually shocked at the small percentage I take from my practice. But I don’t have a small pie. I spend the rest of the money I could take on top notch assistants and front office people….and yes, marketing!

If you want some tips on how to become your own expert on marketing then go back on and read my earlier blogs where I lay it out. You can also email me if you have a specific question or problem.

May you have a really big pie in 2018!

Best Regards,
Dr. Dave Cutts

PS Let me know what I can do to help YOU!

Dr. Cutts is one of a handful of dentists with extensive training and experience in complete mouth reconstruction which combines highly advanced cosmetic, denture, and surgical/implant skills. Dr. Cutts has performed over 6000 anesthesia and sedation cases over the past 30 years with a perfect record. He is widely regarded as the leader in this field and has a three million dollar practice in Temecula California.