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Preventing Remakes

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

A Discussion with Greg Schubert, CDT
Greg Shubert is the owner of Pro-Craft dental lab and has been a CDT for over 35 years. In an effort to prevent costly remakes for his doctors and lab we have asked him what he believes is the best way to stop the dreaded remake from happening.

IMPRESSIONS, IMPRESSIONS, IMPRESSIONS there is no denying it impressions can make or break a case. Surprising to many, but often seen in the lab are impressions sent without the doctor packing cord. Packing cord is essential for the dental technician to properly identify your margin and create the perfect restoration. Another important aspect of impression taking is the material and tray selected by the office. Greg recommends Aquasil available from Dentsply and Impregum from 3M as the best two impression materials for your office. Pro-Craft has experienced a lower amount of remakes and adjustments from Doctors who use either Aquasil or Impregum impression material. The impression trays are just as important as the impression material and Greg recommends a classic, the Quad Tray from Clinicians Choice. “Clinicians Choice has been an accurate impression tray for our lab and we find that Doctors who use this tray experience less remakes” says Greg Schubert. Overall, remakes are a dreaded reality for any dental office. We hope these tips can help save your office from remake cases.