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IPS Empress

  • PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory is celebrating a decade of
    service as an Empress Center of Cosmetic Dentistry

    In addition, our commitment to continued education with some of the best clinicians and technicians in the world and directly from the IPS Empress manufacture, Ivoclar Vivodent, has built our reputation for top quality Empress crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers. With this combination of experience and education, PRO-Craft Dental Laboratory is positioned to provide your practice the unique cosmetic esthetics and services you need to provide your patients a beautiful natural smile.

    When we fabricate an Empress crown for your patient you can walk into your operatory confident that your getting some of the best there is in IPS Empress.

    • Excellent margin adaptation
    • High translucency and natural aesthetics
    • Increased wear compatibility and strength
    • 15 years of proven clinical success 
    Cementation / Indication
    • Veneers
    • Inlays/onlays
    • Full-coverage crowns
    • Enamel-dentin adhesive bonding system

    • Bending/Fatigue Strength: 1 200 MPa
    • Marginal Gap Width: 2 50 µm
    • Flexural Strength: 3 220 MPa
    • Marginal Integrity: 4 < 50 µm 

    ADA Insurance code: Single 2740, Inlay 0ne surface 2610, Inlay two surface 2620, Inlay three or more surfaces 2642 Onlay two surfaces 2642, Onlay three surfaces 2643, Onlay four or more surfaces 2644, Veneer 2962.